Terms & Conditions

We specialize in Leasing Construction Equipment
  1. FOL – Fuel Shall be supplied free of cost.
  2. OPERATOR'S BATA – Rate is exclusive of operators Bata.
  3. WORKING HOURS – If the total working hours exceeds 260 hrs during this period additional hours may be charged on pro-rata basis.
  4. ACCOMMODATION – Accommodation for the operating crew may be provided by the hirer free of cost.
  5. ADVANCE – one month hire charges shall be given as advance and this advance may be settled in final bill.
  6. TRANSPORTATION – We will bear one side transportation cost only if hiring period is more than 2 months. Otherwise hirer shall pay both side transportation charges.
  7. TERMINATION – Either party can terminate this hire agreement by giving 15 days notice.
  8. TAX – All taxes other than income tax shall be borne by the hirer.
  9. Period :- Hiring period will start from the day the machine reached at your site and days will be counted irrespective of actual usage .However if there is breakdown ,additional time equitant to break down hours can be provided. The equipments will be mobilised in a week after getting the firm order from you.
  10. Others :- The machine shall not be used for other works than the indented purpose and lean of any nature shall not be created on the machine
  11. Our PAN number : AAACT6203F , Our Account Details : Name: Techni Bharathi Private Ltd, Bank - SBT, Branch –Edappally, Branch code – 70218, A/c No. – 57016009072,RTGS/IFS Code – SBTR 0000218,SWIFT Code - SBTRINBBFED